* Functional Art *

- Functional Art

By: Steve and Esther Scott

Steve and Esther are both retired from corporate America.  For the last 20 years they have been involved in the arts as gallery owners and creative partners.

Steve is a retired business man with an engineering sense, always looking for function. 

Esther, also with a business background, is more about the art and less about the function. She is passionate about art and enjoys painting anything with a surface. 

Their skills gave birth to a lovely fine art gallery downtown St. Petersburg. There they enjoyed not only creating functional art but sold artwork for a number of local and international artists.

Recently they decided to move their art gallery to an online platform, where once again a number of artists have joined to delight us with their talent.

"It is our way of life. When we think of something we need or want we can't help ourselves, we don't immediately go shopping, instead we custom design our item and, of course, we give it the artistic touch."  

So we needed a tray for our balcony and you will see in our collection what we came up with.