* Mimi Howard *

Mimi Howard Ceramics

Artist Statement

When clay is in its wet pliable state it can be stretched, stressed, pushed, and pulled to wonderful elastic limits. I hope I have allowed the viewer and all who see and/or touch these vessels to appreciate the fluid movement, the casual edges and turns, pressure points, and hidden crevices that grew from my interaction with the clay.
Since gardening is the other great activity in my life, I have found a wonderful symbiotic relationship in what I do in the studio with my other life in dirt. I usually have a particular plant in mind as I create each vessel, so as you are looking through my photo gallery of vessels and plants in place, I hope you see two sources of energy enjoying each others’ company.
Each vessel is one-of-a-kind, a combination of hand-built and wheel-through parts and multi-fired in an electric and/or gas kiln. I use a variety of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain; and continue to delight in what I don’t know about clay. I am always ready to dig in and explore.


Professional Experience

Grants, Commissions, Public Collections