* Hani Sidler *

Hani Sidler started drawing at a very young age. On her way home from school she would draw sketches with chalk in the street, a habit that irritated her older sister. She spent most of her spare time drawing and painting, and already in her teens she completed several evening courses where she concentrated on nudes, portraits and fashion illustrations.  Even most recently her preferences for faces, masks, and nudes could be seen in much of her work.

During her business career as a public relations consultant, Hani Sidler continued to develop  her artistic talent. Very often her business trips took her to major art centers in Italy, France, England and the U.S. Deciding to devote her time entirely to painting, she gave up her business career in 1985 and studied modern art in Innsbruck, Trier, and Frankfurt. She learned various techniques such as screen printing, etching, water-colors, acrylic and oil paintings.

Hani Sidler's first oil paintings were small and naturalistic. Her style soon showed a tendency toward surrealism. She also started early in her career to create large modern compositions in acrylic which demonstrated her highly developed sense of tone and colors.

Sparked by immense energy and hard work, Hani's pent-up creativity began to flow, and the first signs of success came early.  Her paintings were exhibited in many cities in Germany, followed by exhibitions in Belgium, France, and Hong Kong. 

Her awards included: Grand Finale 29eme Grand Prix International de Peinture de la Cote d'Azure - Grand Finale 44eme Grand Prix International de Peinture de Deauville -Medaille D'Or "Toulouse_Hispania" -Medaille du Conseil General Prix International de L'Association Art et Lumiere - Prix de la Cote des Arts de L'Association Art el Lumiere

Hani's works decorate private homes as well as offices of large companies in London, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt.

Hani's work as an artist covers a broad scope of ideas.  Themes and motives are highly diverse, and her works are friendly and harmonious without a distinct preference for colors or style.  Her goal is to paint "pictures of beauty" that observers will find pleasurable and rewarding.  Encounters with her work inspire, stimulate, and enrich the observer. Each of her paintings reveals another dimension of her feelings and spiritual substance.  Looking at her paintings, one senses that this is the work of an artist with strong emotions and deep sensitivities, gradually rising to ever greater awareness.

Hani Sidler worked in her large studio near Frankfurt where she exhibited on a regular basis.

When Hani moved to the United States she continue painting and exhibiting in the states.

Hani Sidler, 1939 - 2014